Monday, October 13, 2008

BSNL EVDO torrent slow download speed problem

Since past few days I am using BSNL's new EVDO service. As its a USB modem, it does not require separate power supply and its highly portable. Also, you get nice download speed if you are nearer to the evdo tower.
But, you get private IP address and all ports are blocked by BSNL. Therefore torrent download is really slow(It requires a port forwarded on NAT/gateway to accept incoming connections).

To solve this problem, you can use third party torrent downloader like ImageShack. It will download a torrent for you. The torrent file can be uploaded to it or an url can be specified. Later you can save it on your local machine using normal http download. It has disk space and bandwidth limitation per month.
Other option is to use Torrent Relay. I have not tried this option, let me know your experience about this service.


Anonymous said...

How much speed improvement do you see though ?? Post some comparison numbers otherwise such posts are not much useful.

Vinit said...

its very different depending on your location from the tower. But as I mentioned, you get same speed as you get while doing http surfing.

Anonymous said...


I am confused. I have just signed up at Imageshack. I have specified torrent file URL then Save and Download, it says the limit is reached?

can you please describe it in more deep