Monday, November 10, 2008

Fonts in Blogger

I just wanted to try some of the fonts that are available with blogger editor.

Vinit's World - default
Vinit's World - Arial
Vinit's World - Courier
Vinit's World - Georgia
Vinit's World - Lucida Grande
Vinit's World - Lucida Grande (font size small)
Vinit's World - Times
Vinit's World - Verdana
Vinit's World - Trebuchet

Seems like Lucida Grande is looking great or may be just because its a Mac font !!!! What do you think??

P.S. You will need the font installed on your system to enjoy this look, or you will see this text in Verdana font which I specified as alternate font family.


Rahul said...

verdana seems better choice, it looks gud in firefox as well as IE.

Vinit said...

Really? I guess Lucida Grande font is not installed. Can you mail me screenshots for both?

Maximus said...

Lucida Grande looks good only in IE.
Try Verdana, looks decent in all!

Vinit said...

Can you check now? I made some changes so that both will be happy (Lucida and verdana lovers ;) )