Sunday, November 2, 2008

My blog included in Google search.

Finally, some pages from this blog got included in google index and can be searched using this.

To achieve this, I have used some very nice tools from google like Blog Search Ping Service where you can tell google about your blog, but dont expect immediate result as google indexing takes some time(even 15-20 days). This service is specifically for blogs but if you want some more information about your own website then you can use Webmaster tools. Firstly, you can check your site's status in Google index using this sitestatus tool. If you want more information like exact crawler errors, top search queries then sign in to webmaster (for bloggers, this tool is already available at your dashboard page). Also, traffic to your site can be tracked using Google Analytics tool like geographical location, pattern, etc. This tool also provides somthing called Website Optimizer, but I have not tried it yet. I will try it soon and will let you know about it, so stay tunned.....

-Vinit D. Dhatrak
(mentioned name just to make sure that it will appear in Google search ;) )

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Neer said...

nice stuff buddy