Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Upgraded to Ubuntu 8.10

Yehoo!!! Successfully upgraded to Intrepid Ibex. It was online upgrade with "update-manager" which though took lot of time than a clean installation (Yes I also tried a clean installation on friend's laptop :D ) but this saved me from re-installation of additional softwares that were already installed and got upgraded.
During installation, at "Getting new packages" stage, I even canceled the process and it resumed from that point when I restarted the upgrade process. It also showed me the conflicing configuration files like vimrc with nice diff, which helped me to keep my old settings. It then cleaned-up temporary files, rebooted and even my all Mac settings came back without any problem. I just needed to reinstall AWN (Avant window navigator) because I was using it from some other latest repository. The only visible change is new fast-user-switch-applet which appears at right side of top panel and it has options to change pidgin status.
So far it looks good. Will let you know if I catch any problem so stay tunned.


praseidimio0904 said...

kubuntu 8.10 :-)

Vinit said... is the experience till now?

praseidimio0904 said...

I find KDE 4.1 better then gnome 2.24, It maybe because I used gnome for more than 3 yrs and a different DE has over-impressed me. But I still use evolution as my email client and gnome-terminal, I don't think I will shift to kmail and konsole.