Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year !!!!

Year 2009, it was a good year. I learned lot of things, made many new friends. Some very nice things happened with me, some nice-new experiences. Some bad, I will never forget the mumbai trip with Ashish and Mayur. I am gonna miss this year. Bye 2009. :)

So lets welcome year 2010. Hope it will be even more eventful.

I know this sound bit filmi but still one dialogue here,

"वक़्तके आगे सब झुकते रहे है वक़्त किसी के आगे झुकता नहीं है, बड़ी तेज है रफ़्तार जिंदगी की किसी के लिए कोई रुकता नहीं है ... Happy New Year !!!"

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